celebrity dressesElizabeth May Rose has been performing since the tender age of 4 with a love of all things stage and screen. Elizabeth first ventured into musical theatre as a primary school student and appeared in many musical theatre productions in Mt Gambier South Australia.

Also at that time from the age of 9 to 12 Elizabeth trained extensively in Vocal Elocution, Poetry Recitation and Musical theatre, winning her an invitation to perform at the

Royal South street Society Eisteddfod in Ballarat Victoria.

People from all over Australia travelled to Ballarat annually where they would fill a theatre to the brim with talent scouts, news reporters and many family and friends in eagerness to watch  school aged children compete all in the name of Acting.

It was here in 1981 at the age of 11 that Elizabeth entertained a crowd and won a standing ovation and Honorable Mention for her poetry recitation of

“The Motorcar Boy”  By Hilare Bellock.

As a deep love of performing and entertaining continued, Elizabeth was invited as a student to join the Johnny Young Talent Time school of dance and song. After only 6 weeks of classes  Elizabeth gained her first love of appearing on television when at 12 years of age she was invited to perform as a contestant on the then extremely popular Johnny Young Talent Time TV show.

Performing at that time with a young Tina Arena and Bobby Dreson.

This desire to act sing and dance continued for Elizabeth, Dancing across Australian states S.A W.A & VIC from the age of 4 through to 22. Although Elizabeth no longer dances professionally she adores music and also began singing at a young age, entering her first band at 15 where she performed across many parts of Australia and still does to this day.

A passion for Acting is Elizabeth’s life where she is currently now focused on creating her own Reality TV show with plans to spend a year in Los Angeles to fine tune her craft.

Across the Acting pages here you will find regularly updated pages dedicated to Elizabeth’s Actors CV including Her Actors show reels and details in regards to booking Elizabeth Rose via her Australian Agent VISIONS MCP Director Lisa Edwards, or via booking her talents through Showcast, Australia’s leading online Actors Agency.

For the whole world is a stage.

Elizabeth Rose