Headshot Lizzy Rose 2011Welcome to the Gallery.

Here you will find a wonderful array of 11 Albums which contain many an image ranging from Elizabeths Actors head shots and images for Current and past promotion for all forms of Media.

There are albums dedicated to Mumma  Moon Women’s Circles, Father Sun Mens Circles, and Healing Circles for the Aged, injured lost and disheartened including animals.

An album dedicated to YUP ‘Youth Understanding Paganism’ and other circles which children attend to celebrate the magick and sacredness of the craft.

You will also find a collection of ever growing photographs taken from Public Rituals, including Witchcraft Rites and some select snapshots from

OWLL the ‘Order of Wisdom Learning and Light’ Eclectic Witchcraft Coven.

Some extremely fascinating shots taken whilst on location conducting Paranormal Assessments, Ghost tours and even some snippets of Exorcisms and genuine live Seances are nestled in amongst these pages.

Enjoy Gallery’s with numerous moving pictures that are regular updated capturing on film and digitally the many different worlds of Lizzy Rose.