Welcome to the Gallery of Elizabeth Rose

Elizabeth Rose October 2014

Elizabeth Rose October 2014

Would you like to book Elizabeth Rose to appear at your upcoming event, television appearance or private function? The gallery of images here provides a comprehensive look at her past appearances that present the range of her work for your consideration.

If you already have secured her talents, then you may find yourself among these gallery pages where you can also obtain professional promotional material to enhance and market your production.

You will find a wonderful array of albums which contain images ranging from Elizabeth’s current actor head shots to photographs from current and past promotions.There is an album dedicated to past promotion for both electronic and print media, showcasing the experience and variety that Elizabeth brings to any performance or role that she is asked to bring to life.

If you would like to see examples of Elizabeth’s previous work then you can find a collection of images in albums dedicated solely to festivals, fundraisers and special charitable events.

As the creator behind the wonderful spiritually rewarding and empowering Mumma Moon Women’s Circles, there is a special album sharing much of the magick captured befitting of such occasions.

From time to time Elizabeth Rose offers public pagan rituals that are filmed or photographed, still shots taken from these sacred circles, including some from Witchcraft Rites and some selected images captured during the magickal workings of the OWLL ‘Order of Wisdom Learning and Light’ Eclectic Witchcraft Coven, have also been added to this gallery.

Family and friendship is important and a small sharing of images are also included throughout the gallery.

Elizabeth Rose has many talents and interests, as a leading Medium and spiritual exorcist some extremely fascinating shots are taken whilst on location, where Elizabeth is conducting Paranormal assessments, Ghost tours and even some snippets of Exorcisms and genuine live Séances are nestled in amongst these pages.

There is even a page dedicated to Elizabeth Rose and celebrities.

As this website continues to be updated we look forward to bringing you numerous moving sliding pictures which continue to capture the ever changing ever interesting visual worlds of Elizabeth (Lizzy) Rose.