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Lizzy Rose has contributed to several magazines, covering a variety of topics from reviews of Pagan Conferences, Spell and potion recipes, and exciting psychic predictions for mainstream media magazines.

To read the articles that she has had published click on the links below the magazine cover library. The most recent published magazine article is listed first:

All other magazine covers that appear here, feature the first submission from Lizzy Rose and are listed in the order of the most recent to the least, being the first published article for Lizzy Rose in Spellcraft magazine of Summer 2010:

To view and read published article’s and to visit the Magazine websites simply click on the highlighted links below.

The Magical Times

The Australian Pagan Magazine

Circle Magazine

The Edge

Spirit & Spell Magazine

Goddess of Avalon Magazine

Zoo Magazine

Spirit of Avalon Magazine

Goddess Guru Magazine

Spellcraft Magazine


To see more pictures of Lizzy Rose that have been in the media click on this link

Visit the Gallery of pictures of Lizzy Rose with her celebrity friends

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