Spirit of Avalon


The Spirit of Avalon Magazine was first published in December of 2012 with the final volume being published in April of 2013.

The magazine then amalgamated with the Goddess Guru magazine, to form the Goddess of Avalon magazine, with the final Goddess of Avalon magazine being published in March of 2014.

During the magazines short life, Lizzy Rose submitted a total of 3 article’s which were featured in 2 of the 3 published volumes.

To view and read the published article’s simply click on the highlighted links below. 

Lizzy Rose Interviews Spiral Dance– article in Spirit of Avalon Magazine Volume 2 April 2013

Apple Tree Meditation– article in Spirit of Avalon Magazine Volume 2 April 2013

Full Circle Ritual– article in Spirit of Avalon Magazine Volume 1 February 2013


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