Lizzy Rose chatted with Mikkayla & Dan of TRFMs breakfast show to discuss Psychic ability, styles and types of readings and to talk about the regular Psychic Spiritual tours coming out of Briagolong Gippsland Victoria.  (Link coming soon)

Nova’s Wippa seeks psychic guidance from Lizzy Rose prior to pulling a plane

Lizzy Rose Australia’s celebrity Psychic talks to Wippa before his plane pulling experience

Lizzy Rose interviewed by Ryan, Monty & ‘Wippa’ on Nova 100 FM about why you don’t bottle ghosts and then advertise them on Ebay

Audio Podcast Lizzy on NOVA FM

Myf Warhurst of Triple M 105.1 FM interviewed Lizzy Rose on location about a resident ghost in Pentridge Prison

triplem Pentridge Prison Paranormal Investigation

Lizzy Rose Australia’s Celebrity Psychic carried out Psychic & Tarot readings on Chrissie Swan and Jane Hall on 101.1FM

Take a look at the additional off air live Psychic Tarot reading that Lizzy Rose gave Jane Hall on the 101.1 FM website

Exorcist Lizzy Rose removes a ghost from Australian Idol judge Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson’s house in August 2009 all captured over 3 shows on Vega 91.5 FM with Dicko Dave and Chrissie. Here’s a snippet of what went down.

Lizzy Rose & Dickos Ghost

Interviewed by Michael, Hayley and Burgo of SAFM 107.1 for the ghostly happenings at ‘The Block’

Podcast COMING SOON !!!

Lizzy Rose chatting with Huw & Stacey on 93.4 Star FM about the ghosts haunting Channel 9s 2014 ‘The Block’ .. so who will win this year I wonder?

Lizzy Rose Psychic from The Block chats to Huw & Stacey on 93.4 Star FM

Lizzy Rose chats to Tom Elliott, Drive Presenter of 3AW 693 News Talk about Psychic Scammers and personal predictions for a new baby in the winds for Tom and wife Elise Elliott.

Lizzy Rose chats to Tom Elliott

Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose predicts Julia Gillard’s 2009 Federal Election win and 3 year term on the 2GB AM Wake Up Australia program with Warren Moore

wake up australia – lizzy rose

On Friday 7th March 2014 presenter Peta Bulmer of Seymour’s 103.9 FM community radio station interviewed Lizzy Rose on her show “Sirens of the Sky” asking many questions from what it is like living as a Psychic, to practising Witchcraft and how music is involved in her magick.

Lizzy Rose interviewed on Seymour’s 103.9 FM by Presenter Peta Bulmer Part 1

Lizzy Rose Seymour’s 103.9 FM Part 2

Akasha Temple Live

Akasha Temple Live- 30 May 2014

Akasha Temple Live- 19 June 2014


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