Ghost Tours

1. Does Lizzy Rose operate Ghost tours in Australia for the general Public?

2. What locations are toured?

3. How do I know when the next Ghost Tour is? 

If you subscribe to the Lizzy Rose mailing list, you will receive an email direct to your inbox for all Lizzy Rose events. You can then choose what you would like to attend, when and where. Also take a look on the Lizzy Rose Calendar where all future events are listed.

4. How much does the Tour Cost?

5. What’s included in the Cost?

6. What should I bring?

7. Is there an age limit?

8. Do you cater for Disabled persons?

9. Will I be refused entry if I drink alcohol or am a illegal drug taker?

10. Is it dangerous to partake of a ghost tour? 

11. Are there photos and videos of Ghost Tours that I can view? 

12. Will I see a Ghost on a Tour? 

13. Can I take photographs or Videos while on a Tour?

14. What’s the scariest most haunted place in Australia? 

15. What happens on a Ghost Tour? How is it different to a Paranormal Investigation or Assessment? 

16. When and where did Lizzy Rose first operate a Ghost Tour? 

17. Why does Lizzy Rose offer this service? 

18. What’s the worst thing that can happen on a Ghost Tour? 

19. What famous locations homesteads or buildings are known to be haunted?

20. Does Lizzy Rose conduct overnight Ghost Tours, where you can sleep over or stay awake all night whilst you tour a facility or location?

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