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Late Author David Mattichak jrn interviewed Lizzy Rose in November 2009 an afternoon discussion focused on Mumma Moon Women’s Healing Circles and here is his story.

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Lizzy Derives From The Phase Of The Moon

1. What is Mumma Moon and what happens at a Mumma Moon Circle? wedding gown bridal dresses

Mumma Moon is a Women’s only sacred healing circle. It incorporates 3 aspects, being a vocal lead visual Meditation, a group Oracle circle often including a form of Divination that can range from Tarot, Runes to Pendulums and more,  and includes a practical class covering group Ritual, to baking, crafting, spell work, drumming, chanting, massage and much more. Each Circle is created around the Astrological moon phases, Numerological placements and at times relevant pagan festivals, sabbats and or annual celebrations. Each circle always maintains consistency with the 3 set aspects yet the circles themes shift in keeping with variety and honoring what’s relevant for the participants.

2. Who runs Mumma Moon?

Lady Elizabeth Rose known fondly throughout Australia as Elizabeth Rose and Lizzy Rose created Mumma Moon women’s circles. Lizzy Rose is High Priestess of the Circle and Sole facilitator of every Circle.

3. Is this a Women’s only event?

Yes Mumma Moon is strictly a female only event.

Please do not bring or invite Males as refusal may offend.

4. When and where is the next Circle?

All future circles will be announced on Lizzy Rose’s Blog page and also listed on her Calendar. You can also  click on the below link for all  Mumma Moon information including dates times and Circle locations.

5. How often does Lizzy Rose run Mumma Moon?

In Spring and Autumn Mumma  Moon is offered 3 times per month
In Summer Mumma Moon is offered twice a month excluding January
when there are no Circles.
In Winter Mumma Moon is offered once a month

6. What day and or nights are Mumma Moon Circles held on?

Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

7. Is there an age limit?

Yes, Mumma Moon is offered only to ladies 16 years and over.

Please do not bring or invite children under the age of 16 as refusal may offend.

8. Why can’t Under 16 year olds attend? 

Mumma  Moon is created specifically for late teens and adults, the concentration level required for some meditations and rituals are too deep for the younger participants. Also sacred circles raise vibrations and emotions that are addressed in the safety of the circle with High Priestess Elizabeth Rose, this is not suitable for females under the age of 16.

9. Can I bring female family or friends with me to a Circle? 

Yes you are welcome to bring any lady who is over 16 years of age.

10. What do I need to wear?

In Winter Wear comfortable warm clothing, soft fluffy socks and bring blankets cushions or pillows. Anything that will enable your comfort and warmth.

In Summer wear light loose and if possible cotton clothing, bring a sun hat, wear sunscreen and bring Mosquito repellant, as sometimes in nice weather part of the evening is held outdoors.

11. How much does it cost?

$25 per adult 19 years and over

$20 for 16 to 18 years of age

12. What is included in the cost for a Mumma Moon Circle?

Your entry cost covers the entire 4 hour Circle plus the 45 minute refreshment break.

All liquid refreshments are supplied by Lizzy Rose including Tea, Coffee, Herbal Teas, Milo, Hot Chocolate, soy and cow milk and a selection of cold drinks including juices and spring water is readily available at all circles.

All supplies needed for circles including crafts, baked goods for cooking nights and ingredients for spells are supplied by Lizzy Rose.

There are no additional costs.

13. What do I need to bring? 

Please bring one (1) plate per person of healthy homemade food to share

Why do I need to bring food?

Half way through the evening the circle breaks for refreshments. Its an important focus of Mumma Moon to ground, relax and also to socialize with others in attendance. Life long friendships can be made at these most special of circles.

Some circles require you to bring an item from nature ie; a stick, twig, leaf, flower etc or an item from home that you use in the circle but take back home with you. This information will be listed on each circles event details.

14. Where is Mumma Moon held?

Mumma Moon is currently held in private residences, retail shops, council halls and some dance studios. Mumma Moon is offered across regional and rural Victoria. With a view to extending Circles throughout Australia and Internationally.

15. Can I or should I pre book and pre pay for a place at a Mumma Moon Circle?

No, you don’t need to prebook or pre pay to attend a Mumma Moon Circle, however some Circles are held in private residences so it’s important to advise the host of your attendance in advance so she can accommodate seating arrangements and any personal needs that you may have.

16. Who goes to a Mumma Moon Circle?

Anyone and everyone is welcome at a circle from housewives to late teens, full time and casual workers. Cleaners, cooks, nurses, Drs, Lawyers, Judges, Uni students, dancers, teachers and endless amounts of varied people from all walks of life.

Over the years there has been a vast and diverse group of ladies attend and enjoy a Mumma Moon Circle. Rich pore, Young old, Tall short, Large small, All Races, All Colors, All Nationalities and All Religious beliefs.

All are equally welcomed with an open heart and open mind. All are respected honored and cherished. Please know you are very welcome at any Mumma Moon Circle.

17. What if I attend alone?

You are more than welcome and encouraged to attend a Mumma Moon alone.  Many ladies attend the Circles alone, particularly their first Circle. You are introduced to all the participants gently and with respect during the Oracle Circle. It’s completely up to you how involved you become in circle and with the other participants.

18. Can I host a Mumma Moon? 

Yes, any lady 16 years and over can host a Mumma Moon Circle.

If you are interested in discussing this possibility further please email Lizzy Rose directly at and someone will be sure to get back to you with information and answers to any questions that you may have.

19. Can I take photos or video? 

Lizzy Rose often asks if it’s okay for her or her Circle host to capture photos at Mumma Moon. All participants are asked if they are okay with being photographed first. If you do not wish for your photo to be taken please advise Lizzy Rose or the Circles host, so with respect your request can be honored. Videos by participants are not allowed and are only to be captured by Lizzy Rose or her staff and you would be advised prior to the circle on the public Circle event invite that a particular Circle was being filmed. Again you have the option to nominate against such videography. Please note its extremely rare for a Circle to be filmed. On the odd occasion that photography or video is captured the images would possibly be uploaded into the Gallery section of the Lizzy Rose website.

20. Can I become a  Mumma Moon Women’s Circle member? 

Currently there is no set membership as such,  however there are many regular attendees. You are welcomed to attend as many circles as you’d like.

21. How many Circles can I go to? 

You can attend as many Circles as you desire, you cannot overdo a sacred souls journey when facilitated and supported in a safe magickal working teaching and healing environment.

22. Is Mumma Moon a Witches Circle?

No, Mumma Moon is not centered or structured around Witchcraft or any particular religion or spiritual belief system or practice. However in saying that sometimes pagan festivals are a theme of a particular circle and certain seasonal celebrations are lightly introduced to the participants.  Mumma Moon is open for every lady no matter what your spiritual belief or faith is.

In fact you don’t have to believe in anything Religious or Spiritual at all to attend, participate and enjoy a Mumma Moon Circle.

23. Can I bring my pets? 

No- sorry. Pets, as beautiful as they are, are distracting at a Circle. Also there may be other attendees who are scared of, or allergic to, various animals. If you are hosting a Mumma Moon and have pets please secure them in another room, garage or building where they are safe warm yet undisturbed by the Mumma Moon attendees and circle atmosphere.

24. When was the first Mumma Moon Circle? 

The first public Mumma Moon Women’s Circle was held in 2010  At a lovely little shop called the “Magickal  Broom Closest” which at the time was located in High st Thornbury Victoria.

25. Has Lizzy Rose run other circles like Mumma Moon? 

Yes, Lizzy Rose first began teaching women in Circle in 1987 in Armadale W.A.

Over the years the circles’ structure and themes changed with the shift in society’s understanding and acceptance of females seeking private counsel with each other.

For 26 years now on and off Lizzy Rose has offered in the states of Australia including W.A, S.A, N.S.W, ACT and VIC sacred circles for Women.

In 2010 Lizzy Rose birthed the name Mumma Moon for her Circles, after attending a 3 day formal Red Tent Women’s Circles workshop and facilitator Certified training, in the hills of Olinda Victoria.

26. Is there a sacred spiritual Circle available for children under 16years of age?

No, not at present, however in 2003 Lizzy Rose created and facilitated YUP “Youth Understanding Paganism” a Pagan circle for children from the age of 5 to 19years.

27. Does Lizzy Rose offer a circle for Men? 

No not currently, however in the past Lizzy Rose created and ran a  “Father Sun Men’s Circle” and is looking to do so again. Simply due to her busy schedule she has not been able to offer a mens Circle over the last twelve months. All future Men’s circles will be announced on Lizzy Rose’s Blog page and also listed on the Calendar.

28.  Does Lizzy Rose offer healing Circles for animals?

Yes, Once a year an annual Pet only weekend ritual is held, one day is set aside for dogs one day is set aside for cats. Please see the Lizzy Rose calendar for details in regards to the next Domestic Animal Healing Public Ritual, these Rituals are also announced on the Lizzy Rose Blog Page.

29.  How do I find out more about Lizzy Rose? 

There are so many different and varied services that Lizzy Rose offers, that it’s best to join her mailing list so that you can receive her monthly newsletters. Also take a look at the Blog page on this site and each menu page for brief bios in regards to many topics, followed by additional pages describing in detail many aspects of other Lizzy Rose services, products and performances that are on offer.

30. What are the benefits of attending a Mumma Moon Circle?

Participants have shared so many testimonials of their Mumma Moon experience that to mention all of the many benefits here would provide a lengthy read. In a few words Mumma Moon changes your life, you will feel an inner calm, self awareness and love that sharing in sacred space brings. People say they understand life more and feel stronger, wiser and more at peace with the pressures and stresses of every day life.

You leave circle smiling from the inside out and eagerly looking forward to the next  Mumma Moon Women’s Circle.


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