Paranormal Activity & Investigations


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1. What is Paranormal activity?

2. What is a Paranormal Assessment?

3. What is a Paranormal Investigation?

4. What happens at a Paranormal investigation or Assessment ?

5.  How does Lizzy Rose investigate Paranormal Activity?

6. So is Lizzy Rose a Ghost buster?

7. I think I may have a ghost, what should I do?

8.  Is it dangerous to have a Paranormal investigation or Assessment?

9. When does Lizzy Rose carry out a Paranormal Investigation?

10. Why does Lizzy Rose investigate Paranormal Activity?

11. Can anyone investigate Paranormal Activity, or is there special training that’s undertaken and required first ?

12. What types of places does Lizzy Rose investigate?

13. I’d like to book a Paranormal Assessment, how do I do that?

14. How much does a Paranormal Investigation or assessment cost?

15. Will Lizzy Rose travel around Australia or Internationally to carry out a Paranormal Investigation or Assessment?

16. What was the first Paranormal Assessment Lizzy Rose ever carried out, what happened?