Exorcism, Seance and Ouija boards


Exorcism “Deliver us from Evil” with Lizzy Rose Channel 9 “Weekend Today”

‘Exorcism’ with Lizzy Rose on Australia’s Channel 10 “The Project”

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1. Why does Lizzy Rose offer this service?

2. What happens in an Exorcism? Why would anyone need one?

3. Is it dangerous?

4. Isn’t it typical for a Church Priest to conduct an exorcism?

5. How much does it cost?

6. How do I prepare for an exorcism? 

7. How long has Lizzy Rose been offering this service?

8. Does an Exorcism hurt?

9. How long does it take?


1. Can I book a Seance with Lizzy Rose? 


1. Are Ouija boards safe? 

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