Public Pagan Rituals

1. What is a Public Ritual?

2. Where are the Public Rituals held?

3. How much do they cost?

4. What should I bring to a Public Ritual?

5. Who goes to a Public Ritual?

6. Who runs the Public Rituals?

7. Is Witchcraft a focus of these Rituals?

8. Can anyone attend, is there an age limit?

9. Are there Public Rituals for children?

10. Does Lizzy Rose offer healing Rituals for animals? 

11. Are there photos and videos of Public Rituals that I can view? 

12. How many different Rituals are there? 

13. How do I know when the next Ritual is? 

If you subscribe to the Lizzy Rose mailing list, you will receive an email direct to your inbox for all Lizzy Rose events. You can then choose what you would like to attend, when and where. Also take a look on the Lizzy Rose Calendar where all future events are listed.

14. Do I need to prebook or prepay to attend a Public Ritual? 

15. Why does Lizzy Rose offer Public Rituals to the general Public?

16. What’s the difference between a performance based Public Ritual and the same Ritual carried out privately?

17. When and where did Lizzy Rose offer Her first Public Ritual? 

18. Aren’t Witchcraft and Rituals meant to be kept secret?

19. Is the Australian Pagan Community involved in supporting Lizzy Rose and Her Public Rituals? 

20. Is there a reason why I shouldn’t attend a Public Ritual?

To book Lizzy Rose and for any enquiries
call: 0409 626 769
or e-mail to: