Clairvoyant Readings

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To book Lizzy Rose and for any enquiries
call: 0409 626 769
or e-mail to:


1.  I only want to receive a Psychic reading from Lizzy Rose, are there other readers?

2. How can I book a Psychic reading ?

3. Where does Lizzy Rose carry out the Psychic readings?

4. When can I have a reading? 

5. What happens in a Psychic reading? 

6. How much is a Psychic reading?

7. Does Lizzy Rose offer other readings? 

8. How long has Lizzy Rose been carrying out Psychic readings? 

9. Is there a Psychic Development Class or Course that I can enroll in? 

10. Why is Lizzy Rose called Australia’s Celebrity Psychic?

11. Which Celebrity’s has Lizzy Rose carried out readings for? 

12. Is Lizzy Rose an accurate Psychic? 

13. Can anyone be Psychic? 

14. I saw a Psychic years ago in a shop named ” Liz’s Psychic Visions” was that 

Lizzy Rose?

15. Lizzy Rose has operated many Businesses what were they called? 

16. How old was Lizzy Rose when she gave her first reading? 

17. Is there an Age Limit in receiving a Psychic reading? 

18. How often should I have a reading?

19. How do I know what Psychic is an accurate Psychic, if I’ve never seen one before?

20. What should I expect from a Psychic in a reading?

21. How long is a Psychic reading? 

22. Can I audio record a Psychic Reading?

23. Can I video record a Psychic reading? 

24. How do I prepare for a Psychic reading? 

25. Do I need to bring anything with me when I have a Psychic reading? 

26. Can I bring a friend, family member, partner husband or wife with me when I have a Psychic reading?

27. I have a baby and young children, can they be in the reading with me?

28. Can I smoke cigarettes during the Psychic reading?

29. Does it effect my Psychic reading If my religion is Catholic, Christian, Muslim, Jewish or any other spiritual belief system or faith?

30. Why should I book in for a Psychic reading?

31. What benefits are there in having a genuine Psychic reading?

32. I’m visually impaired, can I still have a Psychic reading? 

33. I’m deaf, can I still have a Psychic reading? 

34. I’m dumb, can I still have a Psychic reading? 

35. Is there a time when I shouldn’t book a Psychic reading? 

36. Can I have a Psychic phone reading?

37. Does Lizzy Rose offer Psychic readings in my own home? 

38. Can I book a Psychic Skype reading? 

39. How can I book a Psychic postal reading? 

40. Was Lizzy Rose on the Australian Psychic Television show ” The One”?

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