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To book a Tarot Reading with Lizzy Rose
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Tarot Readings with Lizzy Rose


30 minutes    $150

45 minutes    $175

60 minutes    $195

90 minutes    $275

120 minutes  $335


Lizzy Rose – Tarot Experience

Tarot CardsLizzy Rose first crossed paths in this lifetime with the Tarot Cards in 1985 .

Completely becoming immersed in this ancient and most insightful Divination tool, Lizzy Rose proceeded to learn all that she could intuitively from the Tarot.

Professional Tarot Card reading began for Lizzy Rose in 1986 where she carried out Tarot readings for family, friends and the general public, in a private residence in Adelaide South Australia then moving on to Armadale in Western Australia where Lizzy Rose continued to build a loyal following of fans despite her tender age.

In 1987 Lizzy Rose returned to South Australia for 2 years and in between raising a young family offered Tarot readings when time allowed.

September of 1989 saw Lizzy Rose move to Melbourne Victoria Australia where she settled and for the last 28 years has continued to offer her natural Tarot readings in the many Retail outlets and private residences she has acquired and leased along the way.

Lizzy Rose continues to read intuitively, however over the many years with natural progression she learnt to study deeper the different and varied meanings of each of the 78 Tarot cards.

SONY DSCA Tarot reading with Lizzy Rose is completed in a sacred yet logical and practical manner and includes many different card layouts and reading styles depending on what is appropriate and relevant for the client, taking note of colours, numbers, suits and patterns when carrying out the readings.

All Tarot readings are completed clairvoyantly and psychically whilst in a relaxed safe temple space. Lizzy Rose transmits and interprets information to the Querent (Client) all the while maintaining Confidentiality and respect.

Click here to read an article written on Tarot by Lizzy Rose titled ‘Tarot Talk’ which was featured in Spellcraft Magazine Issue 16, Autumn 2010

Tarot Talk Article


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